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WHAT & WHO IS                          

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My name is James Bennett, I am an individual who lives the life of nutrition & training day in day out. I have been training for 12 years now, during this time i have always given this lifestyle my full attention. I documented everything I did, learnt from mistakes & created new paths to overcome this. 

CoachedbyJB is what I created to help others in the same way I helped myself. When working towards a specific goal, having a structured foundation in place can speed up your progress & make things a hell of a lot easier. If someone like myself was around in my earlier days of training I would of progressed a lot faster.

I can provide a detailed plan for the already advanced & total novices, no matter your starting point, i can create a pathway for your further development.

I have created a platform which simplifies all the fundamentals of nutrition, training & tracking. I can create a fully tailored nutrition plan specifically for a client, which breaks down the complications people usually struggle with, when why & what to eat, and a breakdown of all the macronutrients, in a simple, easy to read layout.

Alongside nutrition, training & progress tracking is covered in a complex way, I have literally left no stone unturned.

In order to see a clients progress, I feel as if every angle needs to be covered, that is what CoachedbyJB is, a simplified but complex service, which delivers results.



Take a look at my services.

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